Coach Holly Jackson


 I grew up in Chicago and started swimming lessons at 5. When my family moved to Winston-Salem, NC, my parents decided that getting involved in summer league swimming would be a great way for us to connect to our new community. I started off my summer league years on the Stingray team, winning many blue and red ribbons but loving the team camaraderie and new friendships most. After moving to a new neighborhood, my family helped found the Chadwyck Flyers swim team. My dad was the DQ judge and a board member, my mom was a ribbon writer and on the social committee, and of course all three kids swam at every available practice. I eventually coached the team the last two seasons I lived there and brought us to a championship that last year. 


In college, I trained with the Elmhurst College swim team but never chose to compete but rather cross train with other sports. I was the Aquatics Coordinator for a year at the Elmhurst YMCA overseeing all swim instructors and improving our children and adult programs for swimming education. Throughout my years of pursuing additional degrees and competing in other sports, swimming has always been a part of my training regimen. 


After living in California for 4 years, I finally found my community at Teme. I joined the team in 2014 and fell in love with the people, practices, and especially all the support I see across the team. I really wanted to get back into coaching and one day in 2016 the stars aligned and I started coaching. To me, swimming is a key component to any training regimen because it’s a safe, full body workout. Beyond that, you get awesome accountability partners who hold you to showing up and getting through practice in a very supportive way. At Teme, our community keeps me committed to showing up each day. 


I look forward to helping all of our swimmers meet and exceed their personal goals in the sport!