Welcome To TEME!

Temescal Aquatic Masters is a United States Masters Swimming team (team code TEME). We welcome swimmers of all abilities, from recreational swimmers who want feedback and encouragement to collegiate swimmers interested in training for meets and open water swims. Our coaches love swimming and helping adults become better swimmers. Learn more about Temescal Masters.

Come & Get It: Order Your New TEME Gear Now

Hey ya'll -- starting NOW you can order new TEME Gear...just in time for us to be outfitted for all of the July open water races! Men’s and women’s t-shirts as well as hooded sweatshirts are available. All can be ordered in a selection of colors and sizes.


Orders placed on or before June 15 will be held and produced in bulk. Those ordering by June 15 will receive a modest discount (about 5%-10%) and will not have to pay shipping charges.

You may place an order after June 15 on an individual basis. If you place an order after June 15, you will be responsible for picking up your order at Alliance Graphics in Berkeley or paying any shipping charges on your order.

Thanks to the Board and especially Steven Baum for moving this forward.

Donate! Karin Hurley Memorial at Teme Pool

 A beautiful memorial stone and plaque has been installed at Teme in memory of coach Karin Masal-Hurley . The team and many members of the team have already raised some funds to pay for it but if you haven't donated yet, now is the time!  

TEME Theme for 2016: Participation!!

As head coach I want to try to lead our team to be great(er)!

I have listened to all kinds of feedback from TEME members and one thing I consistently hear the word "Vision". Many people seem to want a vision or a common goal to shoot for as a team. That's why I have decided to have a theme for our team every year moving forward, starting now!

We'll Miss You, Karin

Karin Hurley was the head coach of Temescal Masters for 13 years until she retired in 2012. She built the team from a scrappy group of people getting together to swim into a vibrant community of over 200 swimmers. She touched the lives of hundreds of people along the way. Everyone who came to the team was greeted with a friendly welcome. Faster swimmers were encouraged to focus on their stroke and slower swimmers were given encouragement to improve their stroke. We are all indebted to her.

Teme's "Waybackmachine Whiteboard:" Selected historical/representative workouts.

Wondering what kind of workouts we swim at Teme?  Or are you a Teme swimmer who is traveling and needs a good workout?  You can access a representative selection of historical workouts on Teme's virtual whiteboard: