The Basics

Temescal Aquatic Masters (TEME) is a United States Masters Swimming (U.S.M.S.) program located in Oakland, California, that offers fourteen coached workouts per week (two each day) along with a variety of social activities.  We are the 10th largest team (out of over 100!) in Pacific Masters Swimming, the U.S.M.S. regional organization.

The People

We are a diverse bunch of over 400 swimmers, with around 150 on the active roster during any particular month.  We welcome all adult (age 18+) swimmers (fitness, triathlete, competitive, non-competitive and novice) who enjoy fitness swimming.  We are also an affable group, and our magical blue water spawns many friendships, romances, partnerships and marriages.  In fact, because we often have an expectant mother or two at our workouts, a sizeable number of future TEME athletes start swimming before they are even born!

The Pool

Temescal Pool before a workoutWe meet at Temescal Pool located at 371 45th Street near Studio One and Oakland Technical High School. Our pool is six lanes wide and an unusual 100 feet long. 

The Dues

Our dues are $50.00 per month for unlimited or $33.00 for five workouts.  USMS registration is also required, and dues can only be paid using our online payment system (sorry-no cash or checks).

TEME One Free Trial Workout

As a local Masters club, TEME offers potential members one free workout.  You should be able to complete at least three laps of freestyle without stopping, and you must be a current trial or regular member of United States Masters  ("USMS").  Bring your USMS number or completed Trial Membership form (please see below) to a workout and introduce yourself to the coach.  He or she will ask about your swimming history and assign you to a lane based upon your speed.  If you would like to go faster or slower you can always move up or down.  You will find welcoming lanemates anywhere you go 

U.S. Masters Swimming 30-day Waiver

Memebership in USMS (our parent organization) is required to swim with local Masters organizations (including TEME). To allow swimmers to try out various local clubs and/or participate in workshops and events, USMS offers swimmers a one-time 30-day "waiver" (free trial membership). 

THE USMS WAIVER  IS IS DIFFERENT THAN THE TEME ONE FREE TRIAL WORKOUT.  The USMS waiver provides temporary insurance coverage while swimming with local teams, but does not cover TEME dues.  If you have never been a member of USMS, print and sign the USMS Trial form (see below) and bring it with you to the pool.

How To Join

Joining the team takes just two clicks and a jump:

  1. Click:  Register for USMS.
  2. Click: Sign up on the website.
  3. Jump in and start swimming!

Team Etiquette

Review our team etiqette policy here.

Team History and Governance

Established in 1982, TEME has always demonstrated a bohemian spirit.  For nearly thirty years the team was governed by an ad-hoc "steering committee" that eschewed the team's legal name in favor of "The Emma Goldman Aquatic Collective".

In 2011 the team bowed (slightly) to conventionality by electing a traditional board of directors and registering as an official 501(c)3 non-profit.  Even so, TEME remains easy-going and unconventional.  A spirit of comity, rather than cannon, governs our affairs.

Social Events

Every month, we gather at a neighborhood eatery for "Social Night". Other events and groups include:

  • Intrasquad Meet -- Each year in April the team hosts a potluck BBQ/informal "swim meet" at an Oakland pool to honor our late great coach Karin Hurley.
  • Open water swim season -- Temescal swimmers of all speeds and abilities typically compete together at the Lake Berryessa, Lake del Valle, Tahoe, Whiskeytown Lake and Donner Lake open water swims.  In 2016 the team finished 2nd overall in the Pacific Masters open water division!
  • TEME Swim-athon- in 2016 the team raised over $6,000.00 for Oakland Youth swimming programs!
  • Oakland Teme Stairmasters-a group that meets to run Oakland's famous historical stairs.
  • Bay Swimmers group-members who swim together at Pier 39 in San Francisco, Point Richmond and other briney destinations.
  • Poolside Movie Night- each Fall the team gathers poolside to watch nautical-themed classics like Splash! and Point Break!
  • Poolside Snacks -- once a month after weekend workouts.
  • Holiday Party -- Of course!

More Information

Questions?  Please e-mail us at